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Empowering Communities in Nicaragua
©2008 Army Armstrong Films
(38 minutes)

Boulder-Jalapa Friendship City Projects has had a presence in the Jalapa Valleyt of Nicaragua since 1984. In 2005, Pueblos Unidos, Boulder's sister board in Jalapa, began a program to help rural communities find ways to counter the growing impoverishment and dependency imposed on them by globalized market forces and unfair trade policies. A pilot project of family gardens was initiated in the barrio of El Polvorin. Within months, barren patios were transformed into lush gardens. The success of the project not only ensures a stable, secure source of healthy food, but has fostered a sense of community, pride, confidence, and self-reliance. Small businesses, cooperatives, and alternative technologies for stoves and biodigestors are starting. And the families of El Polvorin are sharing what they have learned, spreading knowledge and hope, campesino a campesino, throughout the valley.

During May 2009, a 20-minute version of this documentary entitled "Seeds of Commmunity" appeared in Eat Here Now. This multi-media event ran as part of Denver Mayor John Kickenlooper's "Eat Here Now: Grow Local Campaign."

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